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Even if you have never painted before, you
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Drawing the Figure from Child to Adult

July 7, 2015
Nicole Troup by 1:00pm, Return by 3:00pm


class-3Learn how to tackle the greatest challenges of drawing: the portrait and figure, in a variety of positions and views. Rather than drawing the adult figure only, in this class, students will explore the difference in proportions as people change from infants to adults. In the last session, students will draw from a picture of their choice -  a loved one, a celebrity or even themselves -  and apply what they've learned. Pencil and charcoal will be used in this class. Materials will be provided, and beginners are welcome! (4 week session)

Digital Photography

July 7, 2015
Eric Harbaugh by 6:30pm, Return by 8:30pm


class-3This 6-week class will take you from the basics of how your camera works, all the way to getting the best shots you can in any situation.  Topics include how a digital camera takes a picture, saving photos, shooting modes, understanding Shutter Speed, Aperture, & ISO, as well as shooting in manual and RAW.  We’ll also learn about composition, rule of thirds, shooting indoors and outdoors, the various lenses available and how to choose the right one, and using external flash and other accessories to better improve your photos.  Class time as well as time to practice your new skills will be available.

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Corks & Canvas-Sailboat

July 8, 2015
Sasha Coleman Arnett by 6:00pm, Return by 9:00pm


Sasha Arnett. Sailboat

This is a class for beginners, or painters who just want to have a fun night out: anyone can express their creative side in our instructor-guided art experience.  Check painting choices at www.councilforthearts.net ! All C&C’s are 6-9pm unless otherwise noted; adults only.