The Council for the Arts’ “Converging Realities” exhibition, sponsored by David Rahauser, Attorney at Law, features paintings and drawings by Joanna Bookamer and Faith Howard.

“I’ve grown up surrounded by encouragement and incredible examples,” explains Joanna Bookamer. “Dr. Seuss was my first favorite artist and spurred on my interest in art and creativity. In high school, the art department gave me a chance to grow my appreciation for art and got me seriously focusing on my creations. Mrs. Jacobs-Soper and Mrs. Strayer were especially encouraging and pushed me to enter what I had made into exhibits at Wilson College, Shippensburg University, and the 2016 Council for the Arts Miniature Show. Then spending a year at Ringling College of Art and Design brought with it a flood of inspiration and growth. I was learning from working artists who are passionate about what they do and in turn, grew my excitement for art!”

Faith Howard explains her art this way: “Art has always been my escape: I thoroughly enjoy taking something and making it my own. My junior year of high school I took Painting 1, which sparked my love for painting altogether. You can paint and paint and paint if you mess up you can just gesso over and start all over again. All 3 of my high school teachers were a big influence on why I love art so much, especially Mr. Sites: he was always brutally honest with his opinions and I’ve come to realize that’s why we were so close. He really pushed me to be my best version of myself for 4 years. As I came to realize in my senior year, it’s okay to step back and let it live for the moment. You have forever to make that piece what you want. Art has no limits. I’ve been in 4 art shows locally, thanks to the high school and my teachers for seeing my potential. I’ve won 2 awards: the Eric Miller Award for Franklin County Art Alliance Annual Exhibit as well as an Honorable Mention for the same show. Jean-Michel Basquiat is and continues to be my main influence and favorite artist: he’s bold in every form. His work is divine, so many meanings and focus points, showing the disconnection of society with the rest of the world. I love the thrill of losing yourself in a painting or any piece of work I’m doing.”

“Converging Realities” will be on view through February 22, with gallery hours Tuesday-Friday 10 am-2 pm, and by appointment.  The Council conducts classes and displays the work of local artists at 81 North Main Street, Chambersburg. For more information, call 717-264-6883.