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We offer a wide variety of fun and instructional classes for both kids and adults at every skill level!

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Anyone can express their creative side in our instructor guided art experience.
Great classes for beginners or painters who want to have a fun night out!

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Missoula Children's Theater - Performance of the Pied Piper!

March 2, 2019
Missoula Children's Theater Team by 3:00pm, Return by 5:00pm

Upcoming Classes

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Oil Painting with Ski Holm

March 7, 2019
Ski Holm by 1:00pm, Return by 4:00pm



Whether you're a beginner looking to develop good habits or more experienced and looking to break some bad ones, this class can help. While demystifying the oil painting process, you'll work from direct observation to develop greater hand-to-eye coordination. Basically, “see it, paint it”. You will also learn step-by-step methods of color mixing, making form by blending, and many of the do's and don't s of composition.  “Remember, oil painting is a simple process but not necessarily an easy one. Nothing worthwhile ever is.”  Call for materials list. Check out Ski’s blog at http://skiholm.blogspot.com      

Beginning and Intermediate Portraiture

February 28, 2019
Tom McFarland by 6:00pm, Return by 8:30pm

Explore the fascinating art of portrait drawing or painting! Beginners and intermediate students will work from a live model, focusing on observational skills and applying them to drawing what they see. Tom will give short lessons on the structure of the face and then will give help to each student as they spend the rest of the class drawing or painting. Students should feel comfortable in whatever medium they choose since the emphasis will be on the process of creating portraits. Call for a materials list.

Basic Digital Photography

February 23, 2019
Eric Harbaugh by 9:00am, Return by 11:00am


Eric will help students understand how their digital camera works, and how to better understand the various functions.  Topics include shooting modes, understanding Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO, Composition, Rule of Thirds, White Balance, Shooting Indoors & Outdoors, and other topics.  Class time, as well as hands-on time with the students’ own cameras, will be available.  This class is a basic course for beginners and for people with a little experience.  Bring your camera and manual to class (if you still have it!)