YOGA & QIGONG with Mike Hayduk and Liz Mueller

Age: Adult & Teen
Instructor: Mike Hayduk and Liz Mueller, both certified instructors
Date(s): Thursdays, March 12th - April 2nd, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Get Your MBA in a month! That's right, get your Mind, your Breath, and your Acceptance (MBA) in sync with this 4-week program being taught in our nurturing gallery space.

M - Movement: Begin with Mindful Movement practices as a warm up and initial focus on breathing and yoga-like standing movements.

B - Breathwork: Transition to gentle practice of ancient Chinese healing art of Qigong. Specifically 18-Movement Qigong. This sustains the breath/body connection and focuses on cultivating and managing subtle energy.

A - Acceptance: Culminates with deep systematic relaxation and guided meditation and developing the intention to accept everything that comes our way by knowing our true selves more deeply.

No props, mats or blankets are required. Chairs will be provided.