Christmas Stocking or Elbow Basket

Age: Adult & Teen
Instructor: Susan Matson
Date(s): Saturday, November 10, 9am-3pm

The elbow basket (also called a heart basket) is a unique Native American design credited to the Choctaw people. The Christmas stocking is derived from that basket.  To create either of these pieces, you will weave two parallel 8½” bases, then work each “arm” as appropriate for the basket you are creating.    Decorative touches (painting, stamping, or stenciling, and ribbon) are not part of the class instruction.  When completed, the ‘arms’ of the elbow basket extend about 4” beyond the bases.  The ‘toe’ of the stocking extends about 8” to the side of the bases of that piece, the top (open end) about 12” above them.  Both baskets are finished with a self-made handle. Materials: elbow-$18; stocking-$24.