Ribbed Egg Basket

Age: Adult & Teen
Instructor: Susan Matson
Date(s): Saturday, October 14, 9am-4pm & Monday, October 30, 6:30-9:30pm

This recognizable Appalachian heritage basket goes by many names, ”fanny, gizzard, and butt basket" are a few of them.  In creating this traditional basket, you will learn how to do either a herringbone, ladder, or other fancy wrap on the handle (your choice), 4-point lashing, how to "sight" ribs for a more or less full shape, and how to turn back to fill in the openings created by the compound curves of this basket.  All skill levels welcome. When registering, you must tell which size hoops (12" or 10") you wish to use.  Be sure to bring a sharp pocket or whittling-type knife along with your usual tools; each person definitely needs their own.

Materials fee $36 payable to instructor.