Spiraling Arrows Basket

Age: Adult & Teen
Instructor: Susan Matson
Date(s): Mondays, February 10th & 17th, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

It’s been almost a year since we have done a piece using round reed, so let’s begin this cycle of classes with one.  I just love the strong design lines and sense of motion that the spiraling arrows give this basket.  In this piece, students will be able to customize 3 of its elements—the diameter of the wooden base (6”-12”), the shape of the sides (sloping or straight), and the overall height of the basket.  To help with your thinking about these elements, please know that the basket pictured is made on a 6” base, has a 12” diameter top opening, and is about 7” high at the rim.  For the 3-rod arrows, students will combine natural reed with 2 additional colors chosen from the available pumpkin, jade, and cobalt.  Please tell desired wooden base size and overall height when registering.  Not recommended as a first-time basket weaving experience. Materials fee payable to instructor: 6” base-$32; 8” base-$38; 10” base-$45; 12” base-$54