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SUMMER CAMP - Beautiful Bees and Butterflies!

Children will learn the importance of honey bees and monarch butterflies to the environment as they create art works featuring them. Projects will include mixed media such as pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic paint.and celebrate our precious pollinators!

Age: 8-14

Instructor: Holly Strayer

Dates: Monday-Friday July 22-26, 9:30-12noon

Price: $90


SUMMER CAMP - Undersea Explorations!

Each day we will get to know animals from different parts of the ocean from some of the smallest to the biggest.We will use a variety of materials including colored pencil, paint and collage.Campers will learn techniques to help them draw living creatures, while also using creativity in completing their artwork.

Age: 6-11

Instructor: Pam Plumridge

Dates: Monday-Friday June 24 -28 9:30 am-12 noon

Price: $90


SUMMER CAMP - Time Travel Through the Ages

Let’s hop in a time machine and travel back through the ages, learning about some of the most important art movements. Students will create a variety of projects using different media over the course of the week. The first stop in our time machine will be the age of pre-historic art where students will create a cave painting. Afterwards we’ll travel to the age of Egyptian art creating art pieces with hieroglyphics and incorporating their own hieroglyphic symbols and word pictures. Next we’ll stop at theart movement and then take aleap forward into theof abstract art from the 1900’s.This class is great for kids who love a little adventure and like to experiment with a variety of art styles and media. So grab your time machine tickets and let’s zoom through the ages!   Ages: 6-11

Age: 6-11

Instructor: Nicole Troup

Dates: Monday-Friday July 8-12 9:30 am-12 noon

Price: $90


SUMMER CAMP - Adventures in Drawing


Are you interested in techniques to improve your drawing skills? In this camp you will increase your skills in drawing what you see around you, using shapes, shading and perspective and even some abstract elements. You will work with a selection of materials, including a variety of different pencils and markers. It will be a fun week combining foundational drawing skills with your own creativity in a variety of projects!                                                                  


Age: 10-14

Instructor: Kate Keely

Dates: Monday-Friday June 10-14 9:30 am-12 noon

Price: $90


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